Praise The Lord. We thank you for considering donating to this ministry. We devote our time and energy into helping those in need, in our own community and throughout the United States and also on the foriegn mission field.

We never ask for a certain amount of money, we believe that Jesus will lay it on your heart to give as He would have you to give to this ministry , and as you cheerfully give the Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing.

Some of the ways your donations are helping others.

Food Bank

Sending Bibles and Biblical Literature / Sunday School Books / Over Seas

Clothing / Blankets / Jackets / Shoes / For Those In Need And Homeless
( If you would like to send or drop off any of these itens please let us know )

Providing Shelter

Praying for any who call and need prayer

Praying for those who come to the service needing prayer and deliverance

Our Pastor with traveling expenses, mostly gas and food needed to go pick people up from different citys and locally to bring them to our church for prayer or to go to their house and pray with them.

To pick up others that need a ride to church

To provide our church and neighborhood children with the things they need.

An after school childrens program..

You are helping us accomplish the will of God and are taking part with us in  ministering to others, and we thank you and pray that God will abundantly bless you..

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If you would like to mail in your donation please feel free to send a money order to our church address which is
2102 E. Columbus Drive Tampa Fl. 33605